About Primo Guitar

Primo Guitar – Sheet Music, TAB, and Videos of Student Repertoire for Classical Guitar and Fingerstyle Guitar

Primo Guitar provides free and premium sheet music for classical and fingerstyle guitar as well as video performances and lessons of student repertoire. We cover the lighter side of classical and often cross over to fingerstyle type solo pieces. We cast a wide net! You can browse our YouTube videos to find music or visit our sheet music and tab page. We also have a gear page so you can find nice stuff to improve your musical experience and a lesson page to help you learn.

We are aiming for an ultra clean and simple user experience. Our site is simple and straight-forward so you can browse and find what you need quickly and easily. Return often to see updates. All our videos are shot super close up so you can watch the fingering carefully.

Our Mission: To provide guitarists exposure to the student repertoire by performing the music and linking to the sheet music. This is a great way to find new pieces or to study a performance up close.

Contact: admin@primoguitar.com

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Happy Practicing.