Classical Guitar Method, Volume 2

Classical Guitar Method – Volume 2 (2019 Edition) – For Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar. PDF Download, 75 Pages, Notation Only.

As a follow-up to the 100 page free beginner classical guitar method Volume 1, you should consider continuing your progress, technique, and reading skills with the Volume 2. This one includes 21 free video lessons to help you learn. This book teaches classical and fingerstyle guitar skills with a focus on reading tonal music. It includes solos, duos, chords, and exercises, giving students a well-rounded and enjoyable musical experience. Designed as a manageable amount of material, it supplements weekly lessons and prepares students for early intermediate repertoire. The four sections of study allow students to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses in the learning process. YouTube video lessons provide students extra help with musicality and guitar technique.  

Get the Volume 2 Method from Werner Guitar Editions

TAB Technique Book – If you are looking for a TAB technique book you can consider the below book which also includes free video lessons.


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