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Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar Gear & Accessories. Most links go to Amazon or other trusted places you can purchase gear. None of this is paid placement, I just post stuff I like. I’m always curious: If your products aren’t listed here I’m always interested in trying out new ones. Contact:

Recommended Student Guitars

  • Cordoba Guitars – I highly recommend these Cordoba Guitars at the price point you can afford. The C5 is pretty good, I recommend starting with the C7 if you can, but the C12 is great. Do what you can!
  • Cordoba Parlor Guitars – for those with small hands and bodies.
  • Cordoba Smaller Sizes – for even smaller sizes, kids, or for travel or fun
  • Cordoba C10 – I own one for teaching, occasional videos, messing around, amazing instrument for students. It’s great.

Recommended Guitar Supports & Footstools

Recommended Accessories (Tuners & Metronomes, etc)

Recommended Classical Guitar Strings

Recommended Recording Gear for Guitar