Sheet Music for Fingerstyle and Classical Guitar

PDF sheet music and tab with videos for fingerstyle or classical guitar. By making videos of all our sheet music you can find great music to play while trusting the fingerings and music quality.

The levels are: Easy (Post-Method Book); Easy-Intermediate (Grade 1-3); Intermediate (Grade 4-6). Most of the music here is at the easy-intermediate level which is active and full sounding but avoids barres and awkward fingering when possible. Easy is a relative term depending on your level, a better word might be non-awkward. Designed for an enjoyable and uncluttered musical performance or practice.

Popular Sheet Music Easy-Intermediate Collections

Popular Solo Selections

All of Our Sheet Music with Videos

Beginners / Easy

Collections for Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar

Traditional, Celtic, Folk Songs 

Easy Folk Songs Vol.1 – 25 Solos, Sheet Music, or Tab Versions (Easy and Intermediate Versions)

Easy Christmas Songs and Carols for Guitar (All Easy Intermediate)

Anonymous Renaissance Lute Works for Classical Guitar

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Carlo Calvi (c1610-1670)

Georg Leopold Fuhrmann (1578-1616)

David Kellner (1670–1748) – Baroque, Germany

Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856) – Romantic Era

Cesare Negri (c.1535-1605)

Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738) – Celtic, Baroque

Julio Sagreras (1879–1942)

Gaspar Sanz (1640–1710) – Spanish, Baroque

Fernando Sor (1778–1839) – Classical

Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909) – Spanish