5 Common Practice Mistakes with Brandon Acker

5 Common Practice Mistakes with Brandon Acker via his YouTube channel. Mistake #1 “Practicing Too Fast” 1:14 Mistake #2 “Not Using a Metronome” 2:33 Mistake #3 “Only Practicing Whole Songs” 5:56 Mistake #4 “No Clear Goals” 8:54 Mistake #5 “No…

Easy Bella Ciao & Lesson for Guitar (Free PDF, Lesson)

Easy Bella Ciao & Tutorial Lesson for Guitar – Free PDF sheet music and tab for classical guitar or fingerstyle guitar. Includes both a notation-only edition and a TAB edition. Left Hand Fingering. This is a PDF download. Free video…

Lesson: Left Hand Shifts, Position, and String Squeaks

Bradford Werner gives a lesson on left hand position, shifting, guide fingers, and string squeak and noise. The book he’s using is Classical Guitar Technique – Essential Exercises, Scales, & Arpeggios – Notation, 122 pages, Gr. 1-9. Video lessons, hundreds of exercises. 

Lesson: Gohar Vardanyan on Practicing Difficult Passages

 Gohar Vardanyan demonstrates how to practice and drill difficult passages. This comes via  Strings By Mail on their YouTube. Enjoying the lesson posts? Join our Newsletter for updates or support the site to keep the posts coming.

Vibrato Lesson for Guitar

Bradford Werner gives a lesson on Vibrato Lesson for Guitar – In this video he cover five topics: how to play vibrato, musical context (when and how to use it), using vibrato to relax the left hand, and intonation or…

Right-Hand Technique Lesson for Classical Guitar

Merce Font gives a lesson on right hand technique for classical guitar. Here’s her YouTube description: “Here I’ll be showing you one very important concept to develop a relaxed and efficient right-hand technique. Give it a try and I’m sure…

Segovia Guitar Lesson

Segovia Guitar Lesson: Different Timbres and Articulations

Andrés Segovia gives a guitar lesson on different sound colours (timbres) and articulations that can be created with the Classical Guitar. This is a lesson on guitar orchestration just how composers choose different instruments within an orchestral work. This comes…

Rasgueado Lesson with Pepe Romero

Pepe Romero gives a lesson on how he plays the rasgueado for classical guitar. Great lesson of rasgueado strumming including an important tip about how to retract the fingers while others are extending. Here’s another lesson with a few basic…

Lesson: What to Do with the Right Hand Thumb

Matthew McAllister gives a lesson on what to do with the right hand thumb on guitar. This comes via his great YouTube channel. He demonstrates planting and resting the thumb whilst playing scales.